Where Coding and Math Meet

2B has worked with Beebots and coding this year in their computing lessons, learning how to code the Beebots to go to specific places. With Beebots children used arrows only, so they developed these skills in their most recent Maths lesson where they consolidated their understanding of directional language (including clock-wise, counter-clockwise, left, right and others). They showed great skill in following written code and then took the challenge to write their own code for their friends to follow. IMG_2753


KS1 Sports Day

Not to be out done by the Reception Sports day, KS1 spent a beautiful morning last week at Hampstead Heath exercising and enjoying the sun. The children showed great skill (and humour!) at the races, balancing eggs, bouncing on spacehoppers and throwling javelins. Don’t worry, they were foam.

Once again competition was fierce with the parents race, but the teachers did come a close second.

After the race, 2b also took the challenge to climb to the top of Parliament Hill. It was a great day for all. Thanks so much to all the parents and carers to who came to support your children!


Reception Sport Days

We are so lucky to have the amazing Heath at our doorstep and this July we have made great use of this amazing space! Reception had its Sports day there, complete with stiff competition in the parent race. The weather was perfect and the children had a fantastic time.


Nursery Sports

nursery-PE-750x563Nursery have had a lot of fun this week in PE as they have been focusing on their gross motor skills, more specifically their co-ordination. They took part in numerous activities which supported this, improving very noticeably as the lesson went on.

Y2 trip to Kew Gardens

On Thursday Year 2 visited Kew Gardens. It was a very wet day, but that did not stop us having a fantastic time! We got to go on a tree top walk, explore the depths of the jungle, the dry, sandy desert and even go inside a giant beehive. We also enjoyed looking at all the wonderful glass sculptures which are on display. It was a fantastic day where we learnt a lot about different plants from all around the world.kew-gardensss

School Disco Fundraiser!

Thank you to the Y3 PTA for organising and volunteering at the disco last Friday. This event was a huge success which children and parents enjoyed. Congratulations to the team for raising over £2,000 towards the Forest School project. This has been celebrated in our assembly this morning with Y3 children adding leave to our Forest School Fundraising tree.

Butterfly Release

From their arrival at 1cm long, the caterpillars in Nursery, R, Y1 and Y2 have made so many exciting changes over the past few weeks. We watched them grow (and eat, and eat and eat), learned about how they change and explored their life cycle. This week the first butterflies began hatching! After a few days of admiring them we gathered in the infant playground all together to release them. The shouts of excitement as they flew away was probably heard on the Heath!

This was made possible thanks to our generous gift from a volunteer Patricia. Thank you!

4L Authors!

Over the last two weeks, Year 4 have been writing their own stories based on Winslow Homer’s beautiful painting: ‘The Gulf Stream’. gulf stream

Like a jigsaw puzzle, children were given sections of the painting piece by piece and used their imaginations to try and work out what the painting might be about. It was amazing just how many different ideas we came up with as a class! Sam and Will thought that the man in the painting was a fisherman, lost out at sea. Frankie and Flora suggested that perhaps the man was a slave, fleeing his home to try to find a better life. Other ideas included an escaped prisoner, a refugee and a man trying to find his lost son. We have been working on building suspense for our readers and have tried really hard to make our pieces descriptive and exciting! We are excited to publish our final pieces after we have edited our stories with our learning partners.

Theo “I love paintings so it really inspired me in my writing. I liked imagining the different possibilities of who the man on the boat was and where he had come from.”

Lughan “I have really enjoyed writing my story in my own way and I would love to write another one based on a painting.”

Here are some of our favourite extracts:

“Without looking back, the ex-slave leaped into the boat and began sailing away from the land of misery” (Ezra)

“Suddenly, clouds filled the ink sky and more thunder came crashing down on the ocean” (Celeste)

He could taste the salt water in his mouth and hear the crashing of the waves against the wooden boat. Lightning wrenched the sky apart and suddenly… CRACK! The mast had snapped” (Seth)

Y3/4 football tournament


Last week the children played 5 matches against other schools and performed really well as a team. It was the first time they played together and did us all proud! Sadly, a few poor referee errors cost us two games but over all they performed superbly and left with valuable experience.