4L Authors!

Over the last two weeks, Year 4 have been writing their own stories based on Winslow Homer’s beautiful painting: ‘The Gulf Stream’. gulf stream

Like a jigsaw puzzle, children were given sections of the painting piece by piece and used their imaginations to try and work out what the painting might be about. It was amazing just how many different ideas we came up with as a class! Sam and Will thought that the man in the painting was a fisherman, lost out at sea. Frankie and Flora suggested that perhaps the man was a slave, fleeing his home to try to find a better life. Other ideas included an escaped prisoner, a refugee and a man trying to find his lost son. We have been working on building suspense for our readers and have tried really hard to make our pieces descriptive and exciting! We are excited to publish our final pieces after we have edited our stories with our learning partners.

Theo “I love paintings so it really inspired me in my writing. I liked imagining the different possibilities of who the man on the boat was and where he had come from.”

Lughan “I have really enjoyed writing my story in my own way and I would love to write another one based on a painting.”

Here are some of our favourite extracts:

“Without looking back, the ex-slave leaped into the boat and began sailing away from the land of misery” (Ezra)

“Suddenly, clouds filled the ink sky and more thunder came crashing down on the ocean” (Celeste)

He could taste the salt water in his mouth and hear the crashing of the waves against the wooden boat. Lightning wrenched the sky apart and suddenly… CRACK! The mast had snapped” (Seth)


Y3/4 football tournament


Last week the children played 5 matches against other schools and performed really well as a team. It was the first time they played together and did us all proud! Sadly, a few poor referee errors cost us two games but over all they performed superbly and left with valuable experience.

3L Become Pizza Chefs!

Last Tuesday, 3L took an exciting bus journey to Pizza Express in Belsize Park as part of our DT topic on nutrition and making food.

We made margharita pizzas from scratch! First, we stretched the soft dough into a circle, then we put Italian passata across the pizza. This was tricky because we had to bang the edges of the pan, instead of using spoons! Finally, we sprinkled fresh mozzarella over it.

The Pizza Express Head Chef baked them for us in a super hot oven and then we got to munch them on the Heath!

Here’s a photo of Leila, Suraiya and Lily happily eating their pizzas, complete with their very smart chef hats. We had a great morning! pizza-express

Year 5 Camden School Dance Festival

5L CSDF '19

We are a partner school with The Place, a dance charity who work with Primary schools along with other organisations as well. As a partner school we have exclusive access to resources, visits to the centre, at school and the grand finale is a performance on a professional stage infront of a packed audience!

This year the theme was ancient Greece and each class had their own theme; 5L (performing above) were Spartans and performed a battle theme and 5A worked on the maze theme of Daedalus and Icarus.

The Tempest

This term, year 1 are working with the Shakespeare School’s foundation on the play; The Tempest.

1c has been practising their freeze frames for the last three scenes of the play. They have been learning lines to say using Shakespearian language and thinking about how the characters are feeling at that point in the play.

Plant detectives

This term, year 1 are looking at Plants and we kick-started our Science topic by observing flowers and labelling the different parts.

1C used magnifying glasses to observe closely and identify the different parts of this flower as well as what they thought was missing.

We will be looking at garden and wild flowers, as well as Trees this term so please encourage your children to try and identify them if out on a walk.

Junior Pizza Chefs

Ever wanted to learn to make your own pizza? RS children said yes!!

As part of our half term theme, ‘Food, Glorious Food’ we have been exploring the food we eat and learning to cook some delicious recipes.

We went to Pizza Express to learn how it was done. We all made our own pizzas, from rolling out the dough, to adding the ingredients. We left the cooking to the adults, but the children were happy to do all the eating at the end!



Nim 7


image1 (23)

Today, 2L played a counter game called ‘Nim 7’. It is a game for 2 players.

Each player takes turns to take away either one or two counters.
The player who takes the last counter wins.

2L played this for a while and then we begun to discuss strategies. Some children thought you had to go first to win. Some children thought you had to pick up the opposite amount of counters to your partner (so if they picked up 2, you would pick up 1). We tested these theories to see what worked.

George and Jacob worked out a strategy so that you can always win. “If you go first pick 1, then always get your opponent down to 3 counters”.

We realised that 3 was the magic number for winning the game! If you could get you opponent down to 3 counters, then you would always win!

Reception Goes Animal Crazy

In reception we have been exploring the fantastic story of Handa’s Surprise. In this book a girl called Handa decides to surprise her friend with different fruits. On the way to her friend’s village animals steal all the fruits without Handa noticing. Luckily, due to a silly goat, Handa still manages to have a surprise for her friend at the end.

We developed our story telling skills, made story maps and even wrote some of our own stories innovated from Handa’s Surprise.

One of the children’s favourite activities was making their own wild animals. We made plans for how our animals would look and what we would need. Using balsa wood, animal patterns and a glue gun, the children created some beautiful creatures. Stop by sometime and see the whole collection!


Have a read of some of our stories:


Handa’s Surprise By Alyssah

One day Handa wanted to surprise her friend, Charlotte.

Her putted 9 chocolates in her basket and her wandered off to Charlotte’s village.

And a unicorn stole one of the sweeties.

And a giraffe stoled the other one.

And then the butterfly stoled the other one.

Then an ostrich stoled the other one.

Then the basket was empty.

And Handa walked under an apple tree and all the apples fell in the basket.

Finally, Handa got to Charlotte’s village.

‘Apples! My favourite!’ Charlotte said.

Handa said, ‘Apples? That is a surprise.’

The end

‘Unicorn Surprise’ By Suki

Once upon a time there was a unicorn called Shiney. One hot sunny day she decided to surprise her friend Shyla, so she put 4 sweets in her basket.

‘I wonder which sweet Shyla will like best?’ Thought Shiney.

‘Will she like the mango sweetie?’ but at that moment a giraffe stole the mango sweetie without Shiney noticing.

‘Will Shyla like the orange sweet?’ But at that moment a monkey came and took the orange sweetie.

‘Will Shyla like the cabbage sweetie?’ Thought Shiney, but at that moment a lion came and took the cabbage sweetie.

At that moment finally she arrived at Shyla’s village.

‘Strawberry sweet! My favourite!’ said Shyla.

That’s the end of the story!