Fantastic Flight at the RAF Museum!

Year 3 were treated to a wonderful, educational and fun day at the RAF Museum in Colindale.

Linking with our Science topic of ‘Forces and Magnets’, children attended an inspiring and interactive workshop looking at the history of flight through the ages and how forces help planes to fly.

We saw Spitfires, Red Arrows jets, a model of an F22 and learnt about the Wright brothers’ flight. We even made our own models of WW2 planes. Amazing!

Junk Orchestra in 5 Ash

This year, as a part of our FAB project, we are using instruments created from recycled materials. During the first two sessions we have learned how to play the instruments and how to conduct a whole group. During the next session we will make our own instruments using recycled materials. This project is linked to our science topic: Materials and their properties.


The Canterville Ghost

Last Wednesday, 5 Ash went to see The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde at the Unicorn Theatre. It was a very special trip as we went to see the evening performance!IMG_0793

Below are some quotes of Year 5 children about the play:


My favourite part was the advertisements for American cleaning products. We also got free pancakes!


I liked the Cantervile Ghost because intriguing and creative! 🙂

My favourite part was when the girl was looking for the ghost and opened the door. Then she screamed and it all went black and it was the interval. I liked this part because it made me really excited and active and it made me want to see more!Personally I would rate it a 5/5 because I really enjoyed my evening!!!


I enjoyed The Canterville Ghost because it was a funny play.I could watch it all over again. The Unicorn Theatre was great and the play was a DELIGHT to see.

THANK YOU! I give it 5 stars *****


I liked the Canterville Ghost because it was funny and creative.

My favourite part was when the big sister shouted then it all went black.

I enjoyed that part because it was a shock.


It was amazing

I recommend it from ages seven to one-hundred and seven. My favourite part was when the almond tree petals fluttered from the sky as well as the lightning and the pancakes J


The Canterville Ghost is a great play and I would recommend it to all ages. My favourite character was Washington because he always had really funny inventions.




Fabulous Fractions!

Year 3 have been diving into the world of fractions with great aplomb, bring everything they’ve learnt together in a tricky problem solving activity.

Children had to use their knowledge of comparing fractions and fractions of amounts along with reasoning skills to solve the conundrum of fraction bars.

Children in 3H worked collaboratively to help each other through the problem. A great example of teamwork!

Shadow Man

Brookfield children are lucky to experience a wide range or trips and workshops during their years at our school. This half term as part of their theme ‘Colour and Mood’ the early years classes enjoyed an amazing performance by the Shadow Man. He kept them captivated for almost an hour using only a hat, a light and himself.

Made our flashlight tricks pale in comparison!



Fantastic Fire Station

Reception classes had an exciting visit to the Kentish Town Fire Station this week. Every child got to go in the fire truck, use the hose and even trick a fire fighter into coming down the station pole.

We learned about some important ways to stay safe from fires and all the children were challenged to check their own homes for smoke detectors AND get their adults to test them. Have you tested your smoke detector recently? Ask one of our reception children if you need help knowing what to do!


Forest School Joy

This November children from Conker class has been enjoying their first few weeks of forest school. They explored, climbed, worked as a team and never stopped moving. We are so lucky that all children at Brookfield get to experience Forest School from Nursery all the way to Year 6.

Sayers Croft!

Last week, the whole of Year 6 went to Sayers Croft and we had an amazing time!  We took part in lots of different activities which were both fun and exciting. Our favourite activities were high ropes and caving, although the caving was hot and sweaty! Some of the activities were challenging but all the way through we were supporting each other.

We had a great time sharing rooms, although getting to sleep was a novelty! It was fun being with all our classmates.

All in all the Year 6 children had a great time at Sayers Croft and they would definitely go again! IMG_0714IMG_0727IMG_0618



Our Favourite Time of Day!

Storytime is a special time in Heather class. Each day, 10 minutes is set aside to read the class book. Children get comfortable, sit however they wish and soak up the joy of reading. At the moment, we’re reading Dick King-Smith’s ‘The Sheep Pig’, by special request of 3H (complete with some occasionally questionable rural Gloucestershire accents!).


Number Fluency Champions

In all years at Brookfield the children work on their speed and fluency with their timestables and their related division factors. We know that fluency is directly connected with understanding and being able to make progress with new concepts. We also look forward to doing even better next year in the Camden Times Table Challenge.

Y6 has been using the computing suite to do times table races. Why don’t you try challenging your child to a timestable race? We reckon they would give you a run for your money!