Reception Goes Animal Crazy

In reception we have been exploring the fantastic story of Handa’s Surprise. In this book a girl called Handa decides to surprise her friend with different fruits. On the way to her friend’s village animals steal all the fruits without Handa noticing. Luckily, due to a silly goat, Handa still manages to have a surprise for her friend at the end.

We developed our story telling skills, made story maps and even wrote some of our own stories innovated from Handa’s Surprise.

One of the children’s favourite activities was making their own wild animals. We made plans for how our animals would look and what we would need. Using balsa wood, animal patterns and a glue gun, the children created some beautiful creatures. Stop by sometime and see the whole collection!


Have a read of some of our stories:


Handa’s Surprise By Alyssah

One day Handa wanted to surprise her friend, Charlotte.

Her putted 9 chocolates in her basket and her wandered off to Charlotte’s village.

And a unicorn stole one of the sweeties.

And a giraffe stoled the other one.

And then the butterfly stoled the other one.

Then an ostrich stoled the other one.

Then the basket was empty.

And Handa walked under an apple tree and all the apples fell in the basket.

Finally, Handa got to Charlotte’s village.

‘Apples! My favourite!’ Charlotte said.

Handa said, ‘Apples? That is a surprise.’

The end

‘Unicorn Surprise’ By Suki

Once upon a time there was a unicorn called Shiney. One hot sunny day she decided to surprise her friend Shyla, so she put 4 sweets in her basket.

‘I wonder which sweet Shyla will like best?’ Thought Shiney.

‘Will she like the mango sweetie?’ but at that moment a giraffe stole the mango sweetie without Shiney noticing.

‘Will Shyla like the orange sweet?’ But at that moment a monkey came and took the orange sweetie.

‘Will Shyla like the cabbage sweetie?’ Thought Shiney, but at that moment a lion came and took the cabbage sweetie.

At that moment finally she arrived at Shyla’s village.

‘Strawberry sweet! My favourite!’ said Shyla.

That’s the end of the story!



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